Puerto Rico, Adjuntas 2019

Project Description

Project Description: Renovations to the Washrooms and Camper Cabins
Team Leader: Ron & Arlene Heasman
Team Leader Email: arleneheasman@sympatico.ca
Team Leader Phone: 905.428.6829 or 905.999.0391
Team Dates: February 2019 (2 weeks)
Approximate Cost: $1950 ($850 + Air & Ins.)

A team of 10 will be working with national workers Luis & Doris Resto and missions worker Esther Frey assisting with renovations to the washrooms and camper cabins at Way-Truth-Life Camp. The need is for masonry, electrical, plumbing, and general construction skills.


Team Updates

Fun, fellowship, service, see the world

Posted on 2018-10-11 20:30:56 by Ron Heasman
Consider joining our team to serve our Lord in Puerto Rico