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Assisting with interior finishing of a house for a missions worker nurse at the Chitokoloki hospital. The need is for an experienced builder as team leader as well as willing volunteers with electrical, plumbing, masonry, construction and finishing carpentry skills. All building materials are stockpiled on site.

A team of 10 will be working with national workers Luis & Doris Resto and missions worker Esther Frey assisting with renovations to the bathrooms of camper cabins at the Way-Truth-Life Christian Camp. The need is for masonry, electrical, plumbing and general construction skills.

A team of 10 to 12 will be working with national worker Jaime Severiano assisting with construction of a new building for the local church at Tzoncolco near Rio Blanco. Need is for welding, electrical, masonry and general construction skills. There may be opportunities for preaching.